Friday, June 10, 2022

Israel at Critical breaking point

    Israel?  What is happening to the nation-state?  

He answers Is Israel real?

This Zionism?  Or that has been a foreign buzzword?  This modern country, born from the ideas in the Holy Bible.  


  This article is poignant and demonstrates the critical moment Israel has reached!  snipped from the middle of this writing: 

 A non-homogeneous group of ethnicities, cultures, loyalties and ideologies, that even the Jewish religion, which they gather under its banner, is not able to unite. On the contrary, religion divides the Israelis, and could ignite the fire of an internal religious war that could turn Israel into ashes. We have seen the credibility of some of that through the video clips that show a argument between two rabbis, one of whom is from the Haredi sect and another of religious Zionism, when the first accused the second of being responsible for the El-Ad operation carried out by two Palestinians against a group of settlers, and said that their exploitation of religion, contrary to the Torah teaching, and their continuous provocations of the feelings of Muslims by storming Al-Aqsa Mosque is what incites the Palestinians and pushes them to take revenge and kill the Jews, and that they are the ones who pay the price of errors of religious Zionism.

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