Saturday, February 15, 2020

Is Israel Real? movie

UPDATE 2022Nov19: Twitter Trump (his support of Israel; Jerusalem as Capitol; etc.) 


    The origin of the movie dates back to 2002... and focuses on the years 2002-2006, until the second movie of this trilogy takes over.  "Is Israel Real?" --- "Israel is Real" --- "Real Isreal Is..."
    It's all about the IDEA of Israel.  Is it real?  A real idea?  A real place?  A real people?  A big question! 

עדכון 2022: אני רוצה לנצל את ההזדמנות הזו כדי לבשר לכם משהו בישראל המודרנית, הגרסה הזו של ישראל העתיקה. ההיסטוריה הגיעה לנקודת המפנה ואתה תהיה הגורם המכריע. ובכל זאת אתה עומד להתפצל. חלק מישראל ייוושע וחלק יישלח לחורבן מוחלט. התהליך הוא בסיסי, בעצם זה מי שאוהב את המשיח. והקדוש ברוך הוא בא למשול בבית המקדש. בקרוב הוא ינהל את עמו, בכל רחבי כדור הארץ, מ"יהודים" של ישראל ועד לשבטים המגוונים של אחרים, כולם למען הציוויליזציה החדשה שלו. אם אתה כן אוהב את מה שאתה שומע, אז למד הכל על Ahgamen ועל שבט "K e y b o a". אם לא אהבת את ההודעה הזו - אז דע את העובדה - אתה הולך ישר לגיהנום. English translation below.... 

The Sabra - a real Israeli

 Update 2022: I would like to take this opportunity to announce something to you in modern-Israel, this version of ancient Israel.  History has reached the turning point and you will be the decisive factor. Yet you are about to be split asunder. Some of Israel will be saved and some will be sent to utter destruction. The process is basic, essentially it is whoever loves the Messiah.  And the Holy one is coming to rule over the Temple.  He will soon preside over his people, all over the Earth, from the "jews" of Israel, to the diverse tribes of others, everybody for his new civilization. 

    If you do like what you are hearing, then study everything about Ahgamen and the "K e y b o a" tribe. 

    If you did not like this message - then know the fact - you are going straight to Hell.

 LISTEN carefully and think about what is written above!

Listen to the message!



   A long time ago, the Movie Director Tasciotti met an author in New York City of the early 1990's.  His name was Lawrence Lyons.  He wrote an unusual and unique book called "The Language Crystal".  This book is all about linguistics and semantics, but also about the origin of meanings.  It made a comparison between Israel and Egypt, through the combination of letters in common words and names.  For example, he also pointed out that Jerusalem has USA in the middle of it. The book was rather thought-provoking, but it was taken one step further with this movie documentary.

     Is Israel Real?    נבואת ישראל

    What is the idea? It's a big idea.  It originally comes from the message of Prophecy.  What do the prophets say about Israel? It's in the Holy Bible, but what is the tangible proof in the post-modern world?  It's very important to gain a background knowledge on this!  Study.  If you have the prerequisite then we can discuss. 


May 10, 2016Religion plays a significant role in Israeli society, and because so many Christians around the world look to the country where Jesus lived ...
Mar 24, 2017Not all orthodox Jews believe they have a claim to the land of Israel here and now, but the few who do are politically very potent.
5 days agoIsraeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has warned that the state is on the brink of collapse, as it is "facing a real test".




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For Israel, Must-have Historical Facts

 Snipped from sorcha faal website, URL Kept hidden from the socialist indoctrinated and leftist media brainwashed America...