Sunday, November 20, 2022

Israel the Modern Nation version update


update: Israel the Modern Nation version - we phrase it in that form, because...


 it is different than the original Israel and has been superimposed upon the original.  Israel = ancient Israel?  The two could be related, they are supposedly, purportedly related and most tellingly, the reincarnation of! Do you believe it?  Does it exist?  Partially, almost, or all the way?!  How would you know?  If you are biased, if you assume too much.  And if you were actually brainwashed... then we remain unsure. 

Here is the mainstream news report of what is goin on currently with the Israel modern Nation version:  military attacks on Syria, Damascus and other targets, by Israel.  Israel is keeping this long war going.  Yay!? or Nay?!  What are the reasons for this continued violence?  there is no ceasefire, no cessation.  there is no peace. Well, in Israel there is peace... or it there? 

What is happening on the ground in Israel to all the Israelis?  Are they unified? No!  There is a variety of opinion and it seems, no majority.  in fact, most citizens are involved in a debate on the matters.

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